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Frequently Asked Questions About Golfing in Scotland and Ireland

Q:  Do I actually need a golf tour operator?

  • The answer is "no" but there are many reasons why you may want to work with one and here's why:

  • With our knowledge base we know the differing course availabilities as some courses may not allow visitors on certain days and this can make things slightly complicated;

  • Local knowledge relating to travel and service issues;

  • Knowledge of local heritage, dining and whisky will enhance any golf tour of Scotland and Ireland;

  • We have developed strong working relationships with our golf course and accommodation providers and this proves to be helpful on many occassions!

Q:  Can I ship my golf bag?

  • Yes,  we normally use FedEx or UPS for this service. Most airlines are able to accomodate Golf Bags as baggage for a small fee, please contact your carrier for more information.

Q:  Can I get cash from a cash machine?

  • Yes, there are cash machines in most towns and villages, but you should operate a card and pin option and inform your bank of your travel details.

Q:  Can I change my currency into GBP?

  • Very easily and we can advise on the best way to do this.

Q:  Can I hire golf clubs abroad?

  • Yes.  Costs vary and you should arrange this with us well in advance.

Q:  Can I get wifi at my accommodation?

  • Yes, most accommodation will offer wifi although some will charge extra for this.

Q:  Are there dress codes?

  • Yes for some courses there are restrictions for some clubhouses and areas within clubhouses and we can assist you with this.

Q:  Can we self-drive?

  • Yes, we can arrange a vehicle for you with a GPS if you should request one.  We will also provide you with detailed map instructions prior to arrival.

Q:  Can we organise extra golf outside our itinerary "on the day"?

  • Yes, subject to availability.  This often happens on the golf vacations and it can actually be great value for money.

Q:  Can we get caddies/forecaddies?

  • Caddies are common and available with prior booking.  Forecaddies are becoming more popular on the busier golf courses.

Q:  Can I hire a golf cart?

  • Only on selected golf courses and only with advanced booking.  Please note that some golf courses only allow golf carts for those who have a medical condition which requires use of one.  This will require a medical certificate and cost of a caddie to drive the cart.

Q:  Do I need a handicap?

  • Some courses will require a handicap most notably the St Andrews Old Course and we will advise you about this when planning your intinerary.

Q:  Do I require a handicap certificate?

  • For some courses this is a mandatory requirement.  As a precaution we advise all golfers to bring a handicap certificate.

Q:  Can you change the weather?

  • Sadly, no.